Saturday, December 12, 2009

500cc Breast Implants and Your Cup Size

500cc Breast Implants

There are many questions you will want to ask your surgeon before you get 500cc breast implants. Naturally a question of yours will be what your breast size will be after the procedure. To augment your breast size, will 500cc breast implants be the right breast size for you? How can you know before you have your surgery if you will be satisfied with 500cc breast implants?

What is my breast size with 500cc Breast Implants?

Your breast implant surgeon will only be able to approximate how a set of 500cc breast implants will change your breast size. In the primitive days surgeons used to recommend filling a plastic bag with a volume of birdseed or rice comparable to that of breast implants. With this in mind you should know that these are only estimates. Contact your surgeon for more information. It is only your breast enhancement surgeon who can most accurately predict how 500cc breast implants will affect your breast size.

What is my breast size with 500cc Breast Implants?

Based on this implant size, if you are an A cup today you will most likely be a D after your breast augmentation procedure. If you have a B cup you might be a DD, whereas if you already have a C cup you will probably be a DDD after the surgery. The ultimate determination of how 500cc breast implants will impact your bra size will be predicted by your breast augmentation surgeon.

Use Breast Implant Sizing Systems To Try Out Your Size With 500cc Breast Implants

Now, the single best method for estimating how 500cc breast implants will change your bra size is to get a good system of implant sizers. The newest implant sizing systems available today is very effective in helping you decide what breast augmentation size is the best choice for you. If you have a general idea that you want to be a C cup after surgery, for example, you should try out a variety of implant sizes to see if you will prefer a full C or small C. In years past you were allowed only to try on implant sizers in the plastic surgeon's office, but thankfully today you can buy implant sizers to use at home on your own time, in all your own clothing.

Implant Sizers for 500cc Breast Implants

The great benefit with the Purlz Breast Sizing System is that you can try on your favorite clothing and even go about your normal daily activities while wearing different breast sizes. There is truly nothing like an actual trial of wearing varying breast sizes similar to 500cc breast implants to determine which of the breast sizes is ideal for your body. There is just one breast implant sizing system available today that gives you the opportunity you to do this: The Purlz Breast Sizing System. Comparable sizing systems might be less expensive but are water-based so that you can see the ripples through your clothing. They are simply not made to be worn out of the house. Unlike other sizers, Purlz are a sewn product using a soft fabric shell and filled with small plastic beads. They were made to be very comfortable so that they can be worn all day over weeks at a time.

Complaring 500cc breast implants Before and After Photos

Looking at before and after pictures of 500cc breast implants on the internet might be interesting fun, but you need to realize that these pictures can contain large distortions. A better test is to take before and after pictures of yourself while wearing differerent sizes of breast implants. By doing this, you are making before and after photos of yourself that you can show to your breast implant surgeon. Some doctors will even bring these photos into the operating room while performing your surgery as a reminder of what size you want to be. Be sure that whoever you have taking the picture takes the before photo from the same position as the after photo to make an appropriate comparison.

What is the right size for you?

Is 500cc the right size for you? Maybe we need to answer a question with a question: How will you know until you try them out? Your final implant size choice will need to be made as late as the day of the breast augmentation surgery. Try out different implant sizes today with the Purlz breast implant sizers. Whether you are just thinking about breast augmentation, or have your surgery scheduled, you definitely need to consider the Purlz Breast Sizing System from L.W. Gatz!

500cc breast implants: The breast implant size decision

Please do not underestimate the importance of the breast augmentation size decision. When you sit down and realize that all the costs and risks exist with a second surgery you should prepare as much as possible for this surgery. Avoid the leading mistake in breast implant surgery by trying on your new breast size with 500cc breast implants before you make your final choice. The cost of a great set of breast implant sizers is small considering the true cost of breast augmentation.

Recent breast implant statistics have shown that women who are dissatisfied with their breast implants afterwards, wish they had chosen a different size of breast implants. Most of these women have reported, in fact, that they wish they had opted for a slightly larger size. In some cases they underestimated how well their new look would be perceived by family and friends. For women that have tried sizers for 500cc breast implants before breast augmentation, they get the opportunity to get over this perception before they make their final size decision. Try wearing your breast implant sizers in as many situations as possible. Wear them to work, at home, or out shopping. Trying different sizes over time can help you make our decision!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Look Like after 500cc Breast Implants

500cc breast implants Before And After

What will I look like before and after 500cc breast implants? This is one of the most common and most important questions when you are planning on breast augmentation. Will 500cc breast implants be too big or too small? How can I know this before I make my final breast implant size choice so that after breast augmentation I will be happy with the results?

There are many methods available today to help you with this question. Certainly one of the ways that women research this is through finding before and after 500cc breast implants photos on the internet. In this way you can find a photo of a woman with a similar build as your own who has received 500cc breast implants. By looking at before and after 500cc breast implants photos you can at least get a visual depiction of what you might be able to expect.

This method is valuable but it really only satisfies the question of how you might look like. It really does not help in any way in terms of how you might feel both before and after receiving 500cc breast implants. That is, the only real way that you might know if 500cc breast implants is right for you is to feel them on your own body so that you can both see and feel the difference they will make. While in the old days the only way you could do this was to visit the plastic surgeon's office where they breast implant sizers, today you can try them on at home, on your own time.